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Hey guys! Hope everyone’s well. My family and I recently decided that we ought to get an aviary for my flock. It’s been built and the birds have just transitioned to it this morning and they’re already loving it. Lots of shredding toys, swings, foraging toys, etc. No metal, no plastic. All organic. Anyways, here the average temperature ranges between 23 degrees Celsius and up to 40. Is that alright? The forty degrees is in the hot summers. We’ve got some regular Indian myna and pigeon visitors - they can’t come in contact with our birbs but I’m afraid of diseases. How do I prevent that? And, is there anything else I should know, be aware of? It doesn’t rain here, no storms. The aviary provided plenty of shade for the birds. Its size is 2 x 4 and then 2.5 in height. It has a double door. What else? I’m trying to make this the safest transition for them.
Note: we have 5 tiels, 4 budgies, 1 lovebird. In case that affects anything. Please let me know! Thank your lots!
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