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Hello everyone,

Yesterday (27.5.08) I gave Earl & Little Bill a Mist, because Earl won't use a bowl that I put in to have a bath in, Oh No, he will use his water dish. :rolleyes:

So I took them in the kitchen, and sprayed away! :) They don't like it that much, they just sit there and will get soaked!

I got some photo's :) Here we are:

And Little Bill, looking a Little Sad for himself on his dirty rope ( :rolleyes: )

Thanks, Sophia x

P.s are all the images working ??? :)

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I love bath time. Mine get a bath each time they eat the formula so they don't pick it off of each other. Then, it's cuddle time until they dry - mostly dry. It's such a nice moment between us. Of course, it takes me forever with 10 baby birds! The adult birds - LOVE MISTING TIME!!! I will video it to show you all. It's quite a show!
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