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So we've kept budgies for a few years now and thought we'd get a larger bird. He is a two month old pied face male cockatiel, we've had him a week but after a few days he developed conjunctivitis in his right eye. I spoke to the shop I purchased him from and they advised to get the bird, wash the eye with a few drops of lukewarm water from a clean cloth then apply eye drops that are made for (human) babies.

We felt horrible doing this as we haven't earnt the birds trust yet so it was quite a stressful experience for all involved but we managed. My worry now is that his eye lids have swollen a bit (is this normal?) and he is just sat at the bottom of his cage, he isn't down there to eat, just sat and not moving much. I'm assuming what happened stressed him out but is there any further concerns that we should know about? He is very quiet too, other than the odd 'Skweee!' sound he makes a couple of times in the day. Is he quiet simply because he's in a new environment?

Hopefully the drops will clear up the irritation but I've got a vet appointment booked in for this Monday coming just in case.
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