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Hello Janalee,

It,s been awhile...How have you been doing? I just now got back on TC and have to say I've missed a few folks including you! First of all, HAPPY B-DAY to Bennie!

A lot has happened since I last posted. I now have 8 cockatiels and one young sun conure we got last weekend! Dacey (our pearl pied hen) fell in love with Kiwi (our normal grey ) and she layed her first 4 eggs. The very FIRST hatched just yesterday giving us not only our first baby chick,but a Halloween baby to boot!! This is her very first clutch so we are keeping a close eye on BOTH parents and the baby. Great to be back!:pied:

P.S I wrote this as a P.M to Janalee but her mailbox is full so I decided to post it here and just say hello to everybody! I'll admit, I've been over on the Avian Avenue website but have sure missed this one! I have tons of new pics of tiels I have now that I didn't have the last time I was here. will post soon.

Robert (Texas Tiel Fan )
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