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Hello and welcome everyone. I am coming here to seek for advice for my two male cockatiels.

Billy its older cockatiel, we got him from pet store when he was around 7 weeks old, not tamed, scared of everything. We got him cage, bunch of toys, seeds to eat (we are still trying to get him to eat pallet, but oh well oh well, zero interest), special plastic bath thing for him to clean up once in a while and we started process of taming him - of course after a few weeks, to let him adjust to new environment. So we started with feeding him from the bowl with seeds - as we all can expect, he wasn't so eager to eat from it at first, but after some time he was even jumping on the bowl and eating from there. At this moment I proceed to try to feed him from the hand. After a while he went for it and it became almost daily basis thing. From now on I knew i can try to get him on my hand, so we tried target training. Stick (the sushi thing), clicker and millet. The thing we tried to achieve at first it was him going to the place that we wanted. It was going I would say okay, he was getting millet every time that he touched the stick and after a while i got him to stand on my hand, eating millet. And that happened once. After that he totally backed off, he was afraid of the hand once again, he kept hissing at it when I was trying to give him food from it, there was no way of getting him on the bowl or hand once again. I asked people on discord what might be the problem here and I was told that my Billy hit puberty and he is going to be back on track after some time.

Due to our work (mine and my gf) we decided to get Billy a company, second cockatiel. Because we didn't want to deal with eggs and nesting, we decided to get him male friend - Bilbo. He is kinda albino? All white, all cute and he was tamed from the egg per say. Super cuddling, loving scratches little brat.

Bilbo does fly to hand, most of the time he is reacting to command "step up" and he is rewarded for it - when its just me calling him to come to me, its scratches, when we are training that he gets millet.

But we both were kinda expecting both of cockatiels to go along after a few weeks of adjusting. Both of them still very young, Billy was alone at his territory around 2 months. But after 3 months of having 2 cockatiels together (separate cages and Bilbo its not allowed in Billys cage) they are still not liking each other? And by this I mean that Bilbo loves to close to Billy, he keeps trying to go as close as possible (xD) to him but the one and only reaction from Billy its hissing at him or screeching when Biblo comes too close. He trys to hit him with his beak to scare him away, which works every time. But don't get me wrong, they very often sits closely to each other, either on cages around or on the closet. Billy as well does this rapid hitting cage or food device - which its supposedly asserting dominance on his territory.

Biblo its all good with the toys, he loves to chew on toothpicks, shoelaces and poker cards and other stuff but Billy almost all the time ignores the toys. He was a few times on the swing that we got him when we get him, but after a few times on it, he never went on it again. He just simply ignores all of it or/and its scared of them.

Other thing that we noticed is that Billy its very strict what he does eat. From the seeds mix that we have he goes only for one type and other types of the seeds - like sunflower ones and this kinda round white seeds (have no idea whats that to be honest) he is ignoring. But Bilbo goes for them like there is no tommorow. He even liked pumpkin seeds, dried banana and something made from corn? Its like cereal's, but for birds.

We can't bath Billy, because of him being scared of us in general. I did try to spray him with small bottle with warm water but he was jumping around the cage avoiding water mist. Leaving bath box for him did nothing, I doubt that he even looked at it.

What to do with that?
Have a good day everyone.
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