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hi readers…I recently brought a new baby cockatiel into my home seems so comfortable and relaxed already doesn’t seem stressed. However, he will not stop trying to eat everything he sees. If he’s walking around on bobbly carpet he’s picking at all the bobbles constantly but doesn’t seem to spit back out. constantly eating any bits of fluff wether it be off my bed/bedding/clothing. Constantly biting at logo badges on clothing trying to pick them off. Just anything he can get his beak on he wants to eat!. is this normal behaviour as he has food options in his cage(plenty of) plenty of water also, so he shouldn’t be hungry. I don't feel like he’s doing it for attention as I’m giving him plenty ot that too. Don’t want him to keep eating everything he picks at, any advice would be much appreciated☺.

almost forgot to mention he always has ate his poo a few times doesn’t always do it. Iv read that means he could be lacking nutrients but I do feed him healthy food. What are the best ways to give cockatiels the nutrients they need, or the best food brands? Thanks
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