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35 day old baby

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Hi tomorrow baby Wil be 35 days I read that you are supposed to feed them 7 am and 7pm... Is this right, and another article says 7am, 3pm 11pm.. This confuse me. What do I give him in between he has shown no interest in soft foods he only wants his formula
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Hi again how much brown rice do I give baby
Hi there thanks for the message he is turning 6 weeks tomorrow and he eats soft foods now and millet spray, I notice he does not really want to eat 15 cc formula any more so I stil feed him 3 x day formula but just less he tells me when he is full. But I'm so pleased he is finely enjoying soft foods I'm not sure how to get him to drink the water he is to use to syringe. He had his first flight on the 1st Sept, and his first bath he loves to get groomed and so affectionate
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I read that I can offer him cooked soft brown rice but I personally have not tried the rice yet
I do have a water bowl but he is not sure what to do with the water. I'm with him 24 hours a day so I watch him carefully I have to help him where I can, or else he won't drink any water by himself
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