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Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, just joined this forum. Hoping to get some advice.
Our little guy Weederman is in his last days.
My husband Dan got him as a birthday gift in 1988 from his girlfriend at the time. Dan was not thrilled with the gift so he tried returning him to the pet store, but no luck. And 32 years later, Weederman's still here!
Over time, Weeds developed arthritis and a fungus infection, and just grew old, but with some anti inflammatories he's held on, still singing and eating. But it's near that time. On Monday he fell off his perch twice, so we took him to the vet, not sure what can be done. They kept him for 3 nights for fluids, force feeding and meds. They even gave him oxygen because he aspirated with the feeding. After a shocking bill, I now wonder if all of this was the right thing to do. He's home now on 2 meds, antibiotic and Gabapentin for pain. He's still eating, climbs his cage a little but mostly rests in a corner at the bottom of the cage, with his head tucked in his feathers. He occasionally breathes heavily through his mouth.

At this point, we want to make him comfortable. His wings get caught when he climbs the cage, so we want to clip them to alleviate some weight. Have a call in to vet to ask if this is ok.
What else can we do to ease his discomfort? Is there a point where we should consider euthanasia, or just continue with the meds until he passes?
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