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Hi Everyone,

I joined this group to learn more about cockatiels; I've always wanted one and fondly remember the time I spent with one my friend had when we were growing up.

I have done much research, checked multiple, reputable sources and have learned a lot of cool things about this breed along the way! I have spoken with several breeders, some local and some not so local, and asked a million questions about home care/medical needs, how to bond with and tame them, what to look for in a healthy/sick bird, etc.. I have located and spoken with a nearby avian vet and a well-reviewed avian boarding facility in the area.

At this point, I believe I have found the right bird for me. (Yay!) A White Faced Pied (B/W), Female, hand fed baby from a reputable breeder in Iowa area; she is being sold at just under 3 months old, she weaned just about 3 weeks ago (from today). I was told the only reason the breeder kept her after weaning was because he had intended to breed her but took the line in a new direction. I was pleased with the amount of knowledge the breeder had and shared with me and he seems to truly care for the birds. She is said to be sociable and curious, but has not been hand held in the last 3 weeks time (post weaning). This bird would have to be shipped from Iowa to TN by airplane.

We only have a Beta fish in the home now and a soon to be 4 year old child. I work from home and can afford the initial and continued investment, financially and in terms of the time, in the bird's care and livelihood.

In general, does anyone care to share the pros/cons of having a 'tiel? Any advice for bringing up a bird around a small child; both for me and to give the child in acclimating to the bird? I'm open to advice from experienced bird owners!

I have looked locally but have not found any for sale in TN on bird; I have not yet received responses from the sellers in TN that I messaged on Hoobly. It is looking like I will have to have a bird shipped to me or drive 9+ hours (one way) to get one in a not so neighboring state.

Thank you in advance for sharing all thoughts; I'm soliciting them!! Just trying to see the commitment to a new companion clearly before deciding on the total investment in the addition to our little family. I've read through many threads here and appreciate all the knowledge being shared!

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Hi there! Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new soon-to-be baby cockatiel! :)

It's great that you have done so much research. I have to ask, is the cockatiel going to be in the cabin of the plane or in the hold?

Here are some pros and cons of keeping cockatiels.

1) They tend to be very sweet and docile. Many become very attached to their owners (velcro birds).
2) They're clever and you may be able to teach yours little tricks.
3) I've met a few toilet-trained cockatiels before so you may be able to toilet train yours, though not all cockatiels learn everything you want them to learn.
4) They're funny and fun to watch.
5) Good company.
6) Few learn to talk, but it's still possible. Many males do learn to whistle and you can teach them to whistle tunes.
7) Cockatiels are quieter than other parrots. That's not to say that you can't expect them to be vocal though, especially if you get a male.

1) They're dusty! I personally don't mind this but I know some people do.
2) Lots of poop. If your cockatiel is to get sufficient out of cage time you will have to clean poop off yourself and your house.
3) They can be a little difficult when they're going through puberty. You can read more about that here. Puberty is worse in male cockatiels than in female cockatiels.
4) Like all birds, they have delicate respiratory systems and you have to be very careful with them.
5) Vet bills can be expensive!

As for tips with regard to your small child, do sit down with him/her and talk to him/her about what is okay and what is not okay with the bird. Remember to let your child know that he/she can't stroke it on the back (this will make the bird hormonal), and show your child how to handle the bird gently. Tell him/her not to make sudden movements or loud noises around the bird.

Good luck! Feel free to ask any further questions or PM me any time. Keep us posted! :)

PS Do read up on teflon toxicity and check out the sticky thread on household hazards if you haven't already done so.

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Hello there and welcome to the forum!

Thought I would link a thread with some helpful tips in regards to bringing a new cockatiel home here.
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