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Hi fellow tiel lovers!
I'm new to the forum. Seeking advice on my new little girl. She was rejected by her parents at a week old and a friend asked if I would take her.
I've got her on vetafarm weaning formula and she's been eating well for the last 10 days. I'm feeding her 6-8mls at 5 hour intervals at the moment. Yesterday morning she took her feed as normal. Very enthusiastic, screeching for food, latching on to the syringe fine. Since then she has stopped eating. Her crop is emptying but when I try to feed her she isn't screeching or opening her beak for the syringe.
I'm force feeding her at the moment but VERY scared I will put formula in her lungs. This morning she took 2mls then just stopped swallowing so I didn't force it. Now I have her tucked up in my jumper where she's sleeping.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm very worried about the little darling.
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