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Hello! My male cockatiel Ian is 14 years old, a whiteface gentleman with bits of white on the back of his head. I have no clue about his pedigree, he's just my sweet old man. He has a mate and a roommate and they all get along surprisingly well.

Recently I started giving them all vitamin supplements and they had a good healthy molt. My youngest has started to grow in his big boy feathers, but I wasn't expecting my oldest to also change! He now has thrice as many white feathers on the back of his head. Is this a normal part of late stage cockatiel development? I've heard of pieds changing their patterns, but never a whiteface.

I apologize for not having a "before" picture for you all, but here is the back of his head for anyone interested. He used to only have one little white patch! What a puzzle. The reason I put this in this particular thread is because I'm wondering if this is a genetic thing, maybe breed specific, or if it's something all cockatiel breeds can potentially do. Your thoughts on the matter are very appreciated!


(I'm on mobile and brand new here 馃槹 If my formatting is weird or I break any rules, I apologize and assure you it's not intentional, please be kind and let me know so I can correct myself.)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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