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I’ve a 13 month male silly tame cockatiel… I’ve been thinking for a while to get him a bird friend. I work from home and he’s out of his cage soo much and he has so much attention from us he’s constantly talking and whistling his 3 favourite songs ( if your happy and you know it, happy birthday and jingle bells!) but more as I know they are flock animals and maybe think he would benefit from some bird company. im looking for some advice on the following.. as my bird is still pretty young (13months) would bringing a young, possibly untamed bird into are life’s set mine back on his abilities. if he’s seeing another bird fly round not re calling / stepping up, or nipping what’s the likely hood of him copying the new behaviour? I’d rather another male rather than a female as I don’t wish to breed. Will 2 males get along ok? Would it be best for a another cockatiel or would he be fine with a male budgie friend?
Anyones experience with introducing a new bird would be greatly appreciated if you think it could help out with my questions 😃
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