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  1. Is my cockatiel small? Will she grow bigger?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi ya'll So my bird looks really small, is this normal or am I just being paranoid? Also do they grow? She's about 12 weeks old now. I still love her; we've bonded pretty quickly and she's warming up to the house and knows that nothing is going to jump out (Lol); I just want to know if this...
  2. When does a cockatiel has it's first moult?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I would just like to know when does a cockatiel moults? Does it moult all at once? Maybe, maybe not... Please answer! I'm quite new to cockatiels! Mine is a white-face cockatiel called Peeka :) I got him/her from the bird shop :) He/she is only 14 weeks (3 months) and he/she has the same...
  3. I'm new! Meet my new best friend, Tallie :)

    Hello, my name is Emily, I'm 18 years old & a freshman in college. I recently got the best Christmas present EVER. Meet my new cockatiel, Tallie :D :love: I'm not exactly sure of the age, the lady @ the pet store said he was a baby & she had recently finished hand feeding him. I'm not sure of...
  4. Birdy Gaga is very clumsy, is this normal?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello everyone! I just bought my tiel yesterday evening. Since Gaga has been home I have noticed she is very clumsy. My dad has a Goffin cockatoo, but we got her later in her years, at like 5. So I have never had a young bird before. Gaga has a hard time climbing around in her cage and has a...
  5. Crooked Tail ??!!??

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi everyone .. I'm new to the forum, I could really use so help. My last cockatiel of 11 years passed away last weekend. So, a friend of mine gave me one of her 2 month old cokatiels that was just weaned. My issue is I just got it home, so it's needless to say that the bird was not hand fed and...
  6. My Babies!!!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Well since i haven't yet, and i enjoy other people's tiel pics soo much i thought id share mine =) My two are Ciel (cee-elle) and Eclipse =) brothers from the same clutch 4 months old and hand raised by me. Ciel is a pearl pied split lutino and cinnamon. Eclipse is also pearl pied split lutino...