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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    Hello, Just a few hours ago I noticed my cockatiel pika had blood underneath both of her wings. It’s dry blood but I’m scared because I don’t know what it is. She doesn’t appear to be in pain at all, she’s being normal. I tried my best to take a video but she began being aggressive as I tried...
  2. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hey! Hope you’re well. I’m considering getting a male for my female cockatiel, Okami, because she’s showing signs of wanting a mate (and I’d love to experience the growth of hatchlings to beautiful birds). The male that I’m considering buying is a whiteface lutino / albino cockatiel at the age...
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    I've had my female cockatiel for about three and a half weeks! She's very silly at times and an absolute joy to have around! Recently, when I take her out so she can play on the play top on her cage, she'll spread her wings and start walking around! I think it's hilarious, but what does it mean?
  4. Cockatiel Talk
    Do cockatiels have a molting cycle like other birds, such as chickens. Do they molt twice a year (once in spring and once in the fall)? I want to cut my birds wings for a season (for retaining) but don't want them to never be able to fly again. They are both young, one is a year and a half...
  5. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi guys, I bought a cockatiel today and have searched the different places and found that these birds were the most healthy. Their nostrils were clean, cage clean and all overall healthy signs. However, I realised when the guy brought him out of the cage that one of his wings had longer primary...
  6. Cockatiel Talk
    Whats the best way to clip your bird's wings, I was thought to hold you your bird towards your stomach (Head to stomach) and extend the wing and clip from down to up at a slope like angle. The reasons why I want to clip her wings are 1) I take her outside sometimes 2) She sometimes panics in...
  7. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi, my tiel is around 3 years old, she's female, screams a little, has laid eggs in the past (without a mate) and is quite snappy (just for a little background.) She's always had a wing that is droopy and it hasn't affected her, she can still fly, she stretches it when she stretches her other...
  8. Cockatiel Talk
    Our cinnamon pearl had two clutches, her mate died, but we thought she was ok. Her chicks are full grown and part of our flock and we keep their wings clipped. She had become an excellent flyer, and we let her fly out of love, as she showed so much confidence and happiness buzzing around...
  9. Your Cockatiels Health
    My baby hurt his wing somehow. Every time he moves it he starts screaming and it's really scaring me. I can't afford to take him to the vet. He can still move the wing so maybe he just pulled something and it'll heal soon? I'm worried.
  10. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi Cockatiel Talk participants! :-) I am looking for advice on keeping my 14-year-old male cockatiel, Conrad :tiel4:, safe; while letting him finally have his wings and learn to fly a little bit. Does anyone have tips on keeping a bird from flying away, while letting his wings grow...
  11. Cockatiel Talk
    How often do you worm them? When I got Peeka, the person I bought from said that you worm them often or something. Also, how often do you clip it's wings? Sorry just curious :) :D
  12. Cockatiel Talk
    Hey everybody. I am a new cockatiel owner and have 3 of them. I want to be able to let them out of their cage but im scared they are going to fly away!!! They do not let me hold them or come to me yet. Should i clip their wings or what should i do?? I want them to be able to get more exercise...
  13. Training and Bonding
    I need to know exactly how you are supposed to cut a cockateils' wings. Also, I need to know the difference between blood feathers and regular feathers. Please post a good video if you find one.
1-13 of 13 Results