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wing clipping

  1. Trying to tame cockatiel. Should I clip her wings?

    Training and Bonding
    Hiya, I'm very new here. I got my cockatiel, Kiki, three weeks ago now. I know that taming/training a cockatiel takes A LOT of time, but she doesn't seem to be warming to me at all. She seems comfortable in every other aspect apart from when I try to hand feed her. If I get her out of the cage...
  2. Taking some Difficult Steps

    Training and Bonding
    Life with Pip has been a challenge. Pip is about 17 months. Always been a skittish bird. He is an unpredictably biting bird. Several months ago, his terratorial/hormonal aggression got bad enough that I didn't really want to go near him. He came with his wings clipped and I let them grow...
  3. When is it safe to clip?

    Cockatiel Talk
    How can I tell when a primary flight feather is done growing? Spooky is just a wee bird, only 4-5 months old and clipped when we got him, so I have no experience recognizing blood feathers. But a few weeks ago he randomly molted a few clipped feathered and they've grown back enough to allow...
  4. Wings newly clipped, now he's distant :(

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey all, The other day my husband and I took our Cockatiel to the local pet store that sells all kinds of birds to get his wings clipped. He is distant now. He shows interest in getting out of his cage but does not want a human hand to do it. He will sit and play on his play-station but does...