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wing clip

  1. Look at this I'm mad

    Cockatiel Talk
    i knew buttercups wing clip was bad but now she's molting and the feathers are falling out I'm super mad just looking at them they are so short it's ridiculous. ALL the feathers are cut like this not just the flights like ugh I'm so mad like the first time I saw it all over again.
  2. Advice required please!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi all! I'm a first time cockatiel owner I have 2 the first is a lutino which I purchased from a lady who said she'd only had him/her for a week she said he was 16 weeks old hand tame and wing clipped and she had to rehome him due to him hating her ring necked parakeet and being terrified of it...
  3. New Home, New Life, New Birds

    Hello, I live in Mexico and have moved into a new apt. with a very large metal screened in patio. This will enable me to live my dream of living in a bird aviary. My four cockatiels will have free flight once the two new birds, Jazz and Josie, have been hand tamed as I have succeeded in doing...
  4. Should I clip to match knocked-out feathers?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Denali had gone two weeks without hurting himself, until this morning when he somehow managed to knock out all of the primary flights in his left wing. My mom woke up the birds at 9:30 and said he was fine (he was covered in blood on one side, so I think she'd have noticed) and I went down to...
  5. Clicker Training--Nail/Wing Clips?

    Training and Bonding
    I have some questions about training specific behaviors. I've started clicker training with my birds, and it's going pretty well. I'm currently working on recalling. I've seen people train birds to tolerate nail clips and wing clips via clicker training, and was curious how best to proceed...