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  1. My cockatiel screams when I answer his flock call??

    Cockatiel Talk
    So this just started yesterday and it's been happening ever since. When I leave the room, my cockatiel will give out a flock call as usual and I'll whistle back a certain tune and he's satisfied. But yesterday when I whistled back he screamed twice and then stopped. It's happened each time I've...
  2. Do All Male tiels wolf whistle??

    Cockatiel Talk
    do all males wolf whistle as there natural call?
  3. wolf whistle ??

    Cockatiel Talk
    hello is a wolf whistle , the natural call of a cockatiel ?
  4. Pebbles first videos

    Cockatiel Videos
    I had to share my little girl. to be honest am not sure if she is a she or not but ya know what she is to me. take a gander. There is two video's of Pebble so far Pebbles bath and Pebbles voice hope you enjoy.. I did:D
  5. Chirping at the Cage Floor

    Cockatiel Talk
    Our cockatiel is currently pacing about on perches and on the floor, looking at the floor, doing her little "Hello!" whistle. She's mainly looking at the corners, I think. Could this possibly be nesting behaviour? Or just an interesting part of the newspaper she's trying to communicate with? :)...