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  1. Hello all I'm new here and look forward to shareing with you cockatiel fans.

    :grey tiel::lutino: Hello. My name is Ross. I have two cockatiels named Chill and Henry. Both males. This is my second pair I've had and have some neat tricks such as Playgrounds, diet, behaviors, fun ideas to keep them busy etc. Glad to see such a great forum that helps others enjoy and keep...
  2. Video of Mario.

    Cockatiel Videos
    Just sharing videos I filmed for my birdie: Mario singing in cage - Mario climbing ladder on the playstand I made for him -
  3. My cockatiels

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi everyone : ) I found this forum and wanted to share with you some videos about my cockatiels, I have 10 cockatiels at the moment : ) . I hope you'll like it :yellow face: And for even more vids check out...