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  1. Cockatiel Breeding
    I'm eager to give my birds more variety of veggies and fruits! I'm pretty sure they can eat the same as adults being 8 weeks old, but just wanted to be sure in case there's anything they can only eat with more moderation or something. (or which veggies/fruits are most essential for their growing...
  2. Food And Nutrition
    Hi everyone. My girls only eat bok choy, pak choy and kale (they had kale for the first time today and loved it) and I was just wondering if that's really enough for them or if I need to introduce more kinds of veg? If so, do you guys have any suggestions on what to feed them? They don't like...
  3. Food And Nutrition
    Hi all! I'm not a very strict vegan, but I do try to eat and drink responsibly. Murray faces the same nutritional issues as me I to get protein and calcium? I feed both Murray and myself chia seeds (dry, wet and sprouted) which is something. I do admit last week I added a bit of...
  4. Food And Nutrition
    What can I feed my Blondie besides seed? I've tried giving her spagheti and rice but she ignores it. How do I get her to try it?
  5. Food And Nutrition
    Hi everyone Have had our little ones for two weeks now and we haven't really tried them on fruit and vegetables just yet. I have put some tomato and grated carrot in front of them to see what they do. Harley will pick at it for a second then lose interest and Rosie doesn't even look at it...
  6. Food And Nutrition
    Hey everyone. I know that there is no need to give vitamin/mineral supplements if you are giving your bird pellets, since they are getting all their nutritional needs met in the pellets. But, if they are getting all their nutritional needs met in pellets, do I still need to provide fresh...
1-6 of 6 Results