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  1. is my super shy cockatiel lonely? Expert advice needed

    Should i get a friend for my cockatiel? In mai a cockatiel came to stay at my place. I have not been able to find its owner so far.. The cockatiel is super shy and wont let me come too close. Since we have not been able to create a close connection I was wondering if I should get a friend for...
  2. First time bird owner to a feisty little cockatiel, Feeding Help!

    Hello, just a week ago I bought my first bird from a pet store. They told me he's between 3-4 months old. He's very feisty and always wants to bite me. I havent really been able to tame him because he wins every time. Ive always heard that its better to buy them from a breeder instead of a pet...
  3. Tiel Feather Crisis!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello! Since I am finally able to post here, I’m going go right ahead and address an issue with my tiel :lutino: I call her Dainah. I got Dainah from a pet store for over 2 weeks now and she has been relatively healthy… until last night. When I got her from the store they said she’s about a...
  4. need an expert tip plz

    Cockatiel Talk
    hello evry one, i always want it a pet a had a cat once than a dog but life is short for some species and left me but now i couldn't get another dog bcs i moved to the city so i ve done some researches on bird and was fascinated by cockatiels so i got one two weeks a go. let me tell u abt my...
  5. Newly hatched cockatiel-owner :)

    Hey! I'm Julianne and I'm from a very small town in norway. I have a cat and I've had two zebrafinches before. One died of old age, the other one, my vet suspected liver decease. Anyway, although I will never forget or stop missing my dear finches, I've recently moved on an bought a cockatiel...
  6. Untamed 'tiel needs new friend?

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I've had my 'tiel for over a year now. When I first got him, he was not tame. I'm guessing his previous owners didn't treat him well :( . He used to scream at me, bite me HARD, and when I opened his cage or gave him his food, he'd start screaming and hissing. Over this last year, he got more...