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  1. Doesn't tolerate hand after five months of clicker training

    Training and Bonding
    Training to step up. I put finger flat on chair arm and target to approach. I use clicker and the drumstick that former keeper gave me. He wasn't "trained" with that keeper but he just wanted her! I have never held him. If he touches my finger he squeaks and jumps back. Lowers his head for...
  2. Not sure if my cockatiel likes me or not!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Wow... I haven't been on here in a while! Heya guys :) Basically, I've had my cockatiel, Cosmo for almost 7 months now. We bought him as a bird who hadn't been hand reared, and so I know that he'll never be quite as tame and loveable as other cockatiels, but I'd still like to know where I stand...
  3. young Cockatiel hissing ?!

    Training and Bonding
    hello , we have had our cockatiel for 2 days , it was pulled from its nest at 6 weeks at the breeders house and we think it's between 14 - 17 weeks old . at 6 weeks I don't think the breeder would have to hand wean the bird so I don't think it's the tamest of birds , he/she will step up from a...
  4. in or out?

    Training and Bonding
    Hey guys iam very very new to the entire cockatiel world and i got rayito my 4 month old pearl from a local petshop the only human contact he recieved was the pet store owner going into the cage and swooping up his teamates with a net... now i have had him for 4 days and hes becoming more...
  5. I think I may have frightened my new cockatiel

    Training and Bonding
    Hi we just got a cokatiel girl some 3 weeks ago, she's 1 years old and was living with a family our size but they had to let her go since their daughter got allergies. I am working at home so she sees most of me during the day and at first seemed to like me. She would run up to my chin and...
  6. How to bond with Desiree? Please help me!

    Training and Bonding
    Hi! I'm new to cockatiel ownership and I got Desiree a couple weeks ago. For nine years she was kept in a small, rounded cage with two filthy perches, a swing for which the cage was too small, and a broken mirror as her only toy. At first I let her stay in her original cage but switched her...