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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    This might sound a bit funny, but there's a celebration coming up soon, and I want my cockatiels to join in the fun. I'm trying to make a seed cake for them. It should be enough for the two of them, and since they only eat seeds, I'm trying to make one that they can eat without being picky. Any...
  2. Training and Bonding
    Hello, Indie refuses to eat anything but seeds. I know I have to convert him to pellets eventually, but right now I'm focused on training him. I feel like it will be hard to get him used to me/to perform tasks if I don't have any positive reinforcement to offer him. I have tried millet and...
  3. Food And Nutrition
    Does the food I buy for my Tiel need to be food that was designed for a Tiel or can I feed him any parrot based food (as he is essentially a small parrot)? Is this the same for hanging treat sticks that you put in his cage? I am asking because I want to keep variety in his diet and his basic...
  4. Food And Nutrition
    Simon only likes crunchy, dry things. Nuts, dehydrated veggies, Cheerios, seed, pellets. But I'd like to give him fresh fruits and veggies, maybe some eggs or rice or something. Has anyone else had a similar problem? How did you manage to get your baby to eat?
  5. Cockatiel Talk
    Is there a list somewhere on this site or anywhere else of what is good to feed my tiel & what i should stay away from? I want to start to hand train my tiel with treats so want to try to find what are his favorites & what not?
  6. Training and Bonding
    Hi All We currently have Nyx (she's been with us 6 days now and is around 5 months old). She's not hand tame, but she's not really scared of us or hands, she just really doesn't like them and wants to bite them a lot! However, she will step on our hands completely fine occasionally. We want to...
  7. Training and Bonding
    Hello, my husband got me three cockatiels about a month and a half ago. I spend hours each day trying to get them to come to me. I have never grabbed them!! They just seem to always hiss at me and "run" away from me. I touched one on one occasion and he bit me! How do i train these guys to come...
  8. Food And Nutrition
    i was planning to make some honey treats for my cockatiels.... and the first time i made them,they turned out horrible...the honey was still sticky and not hard at all....i had seen this video on youtube and read many other honey treat recipies online...
  9. Food And Nutrition
    hey there just wondering is it alright to give tiels kellogs corn flakes brekky cereal?? OR any other cereal?? to nibble on? :) if so what can they eat ?? lol:blink: xx thanks guys.
1-9 of 9 Results