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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    So I’m facing the situation that I might relocate back to Germany and hence want to bring our cockatiel Morty along as well. I’ve got some decent information about the overall documents I’ve to prepare and am now looking at options for a crate. I will need to do most of the shipping process...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    I might be moving this winter (by my parents sudden request..) to California. I am in Hawaii currently, so this would be a 5hr flight! I really can't leave my cockatiel. I love her so much. Has anyone here done this before? As in, brought a cockatiel on a plane? Or know someone who has...
  3. Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    So I garden a lot in the summer, and think it would be a good opportunity to take my cockatiels out for a bit of sunlight and change of scenery during the summer. I'm trying to figure out what cage to take them out in. I don't want a snap-together cage like these. We have one as a hospital...
1-3 of 3 Results