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  1. Training and Bonding
    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right place, I've come here because I have a Cockatiel who is roughly 5 months old, we have had him for about 2 months now. The main issue we have ran into is he seems to be attempting to nest on nearly everything that he can sit on within his cage. We have...
  2. Training and Bonding
    Hello all, I've had Polaris for about 3 months now. She's a sweat little birb, very timid in nature, and also pretty unpredictable. I'm stuck trying to train her, and I'm looking for some advice to build her trust. Polar doesn't like millet or any other treats that I have tried. Fresh fruits...
  3. Training and Bonding
    So my bird is completely tame and healthy. This is my first time ever having a pet bird so I'm really new to this. I'd like to know some things I could train him to get him to interact with me and form a closer bond. He loves corn but he loves spray millet even more, so I know how I can motivate...
1-3 of 3 Results