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  1. Can My Wifes Cold Be Passed On To My Tiel?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    I just brought my new baby Pebbles home today and my wife has developed a head cold. Can this be given to Pebbles? And if so what should I do to minimize the effects? I'm sure I'll have it soon too and it's not possible to avoid our birds. Any advice would be very appreciated. :wf cinnamon:
  2. Louisiana or Texas? Or anyone really with advice

    Cockatiel Talk
    Is anyone on here from LA? Or Texas? I moved here "LA" last summer and have of late considered getting a new tiel, problem is: i can't seem to find any breeders! I've googled breeders but not sure where else to look. None of the local pet stores impress me- having bad reviews and a dirty...
  3. aggressive?

    Cockatiel Talk
    hey guys! i have a hanging toy in my tiels cage. its been there for about 2 weeks.. it plays with it and hangs on the toy..but today, i saw my tiel attacking and aggressively biting the toy. he was fine when i took him out though.. wat does this mean?? replies will be verrrrry heplful thanx :)...
  4. Good cage buying company?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I'm thinking of maybe getting a bigger cage for my tiel since I'm thinking of getting another tiel. But for now I'm just thinking of getting a bigger cage. Any recommondations of any types of good cages? or good cage selling westies?!
  5. Moulting...

    Cockatiel Talk
    This is such a silly question i am sure. I dont know alot about moulting tiels... how will i know when Petrie moults? and how long does the process last? *First time tiel mama here*