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  1. Was my birds wings improperly clipped?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello, I took My tiel, whom I adore, to the Vet for a wing clipping. Previously a Parrot shop would clip and did a fabulous job, but 50 minutes away. So on this trip I took her to a local Vet, who has an avian Doc. and I knew right away something wasn't right. She looked soaking wet after...
  2. Aggressive Cockatiel

    Training and Bonding
    Hi, I've had my male cockatiel, Belly :pearl: , for just over a year now and he is very aggressive. He used to be relatively nice but then got more and more aggressive. We got him hand-reared from a breeder at 6 weeks. In his cage he shows no signs of aggressive behaviour, knows lots of...
  3. Will my preloved Tiel say new things

    Training and Bonding
    Just wondering if a pre-loved Tiel can acquire new words, he's about two years old and can say quite a few things 'pre-loaded' from his previous home. I'm just wondered if he might pick up new words and phrases from us? I'd heard that they don't learn anything new language wise after 2yrs?
  4. My Tiel only talks to men.

    Training and Bonding
    I have my first tiel, we had him two weeks (he was pre-loved) so is semi tame, but still settling in, he's doing very well though so far. Something I have observed so far is that he only seems to talk to men, I have had a variety of people visit and when a man comes, bang he's off. But women...
  5. Tiel treats?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Is there a list somewhere on this site or anywhere else of what is good to feed my tiel & what i should stay away from? I want to start to hand train my tiel with treats so want to try to find what are his favorites & what not?
  6. new tiel, looks depressed !

    Training and Bonding
    Hello friends, yesterday I bought a new tamed tiel, have no clue weather if its male or female ! Age is undefined ! Actually the previous owner was so bad n I decided to buy the tiel for a better life and treatment ! I already have 19 tiels :).. however this new tiel looks depressed ! I donno...
  7. Clipping feathers helps with taming process?

    Other Pets
    Hi, *I orginally posted this on talk budgies, I haven't gotten a reply. This question can go for any bird honestly including ties. I've had my budgie for about 10-8 months now, and he is still not tamed. He has gotten better. But, once he steps on my finger he flys away. I'm thinking if I...
  8. acting strange

    Training and Bonding
    hi guys.. seems like my tiel lost some trust or something..he was fully tame and happy but now for some reason he opens his beak when my hand gets close to him... reminds me of the time i first got him.. a bit skittish.. he still loves scraches and eats out of my hand.. but why is he opening his...
  9. Best advice on for a budgie and a tiel?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello everybody, Today I came home to a terrible surprise. I walked into my room and realized I hadn't put the birds away( I was gone 1-2 hours.). So I put them in their cages and put them to bed. I then took a look at my playgym and saw blood on certain areas. Here are some images of it below...
  10. Please Help Me Out

    Training and Bonding
    Hello evryone i am new to this website, and i wanted everyone to know that i am honored to be here, and thank you for having me on this site. I wanted to talk about a problem i recently encountered. I bought a male cockatiel from petco about 3 months ago, and i have had this cockatiel by my...
  11. My tiel's Mutation?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    I was just wondering what kind of mutation my tiel is. I had him for over a year now and I was never told what gender or age he was etheir. So anybody have any idea what gender and age is my tiel along with what mutation? :D...
  12. New Tiel! (Pics)

    Cockatiel Pictures
    HI! :D Peano now has a lady friend! So, Shes a cinnamon Tiel, and her name is Sunny! Heres some pics:
  13. Mr. Quail

    Other Pets
    My lord! I got a quail today, sweet little thing, I'll post pictures later. Bonnie was a little hesitant but they seem to be friends now-- as much as a quail and 'tiel can be :D He is nibbling at all the offcuts that Bonbons dropped from his food tray/ Mr. Quail (As I've named him :p) is...