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  1. Training and Bonding
    Hi guys, I have heard that in comparison to other parrot species tiels tend to be more stable and less hormonal/aggressive during breeding seasons. Is this true? If they do tend to exhibit aggressive/territorial behavior during this time is it temporal? Thanks.
  2. Training and Bonding
    Life with Pip has been a challenge. Pip is about 17 months. Always been a skittish bird. He is an unpredictably biting bird. Several months ago, his terratorial/hormonal aggression got bad enough that I didn't really want to go near him. He came with his wings clipped and I let them grow...
  3. Training and Bonding
    Hello, I've been on here about my birdie, Twitch, before. I was trying to get him to be less territorial because he bites near his cage. I took away most of his mirrors and gave him other toys (He still doesn't play with-except for a couple bells) And it worked for a few days. It;s like he...
  4. Cockatiel Breeding
    Yep I need help again :( Oldest baby is almost 6 weeks old, youngest is almost 5 weeks old. Their cage situation is this: there are 2 cages attached to each other so they can come and go and the parents can feed them. In my current and temporary living situation I cannot turn them loose in this...
  5. Training and Bonding
    Alright. Well, I've been on here before talking about Twitch, my male 2-4 year old cockatiel. He was not hand raised, but I'm trying to get him to trust me still. I've had him for about 2 years. I keep his wings clipped because I have a cat. Well anyhow, he is still extremely territorial about...
  6. Cockatiel Talk
    So my cockatiels have always squabbled a bit ever since I first got them. Recently it's started to become a problem though. They mostly fight at dusk as they start to settle in for the night. They'll both be moving around the cage trying to find a comfy spot for a few minutes. Then one of them...
1-6 of 6 Results