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  1. Hello to everyone. BIG questions

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello to everyone, my name is Mihai and i am from Romania currently living in Germany for 2 years and i was getting bored of living alone even tho my girlfriend visits me every weekend, recently i bought 2 cockatiels from the local pet store and the age is 1.5 years old, i named them Rick and...
  2. Does you cockatiel sing like mine?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi readers : ) I have 10 cockatiels and their father, the big boss is the only one who is untamed and this is how he sings, please check this video, I made of him: His babies ( the males) are learning that song from him. I am wondering...
  3. new tiel, looks depressed !

    Training and Bonding
    Hello friends, yesterday I bought a new tamed tiel, have no clue weather if its male or female ! Age is undefined ! Actually the previous owner was so bad n I decided to buy the tiel for a better life and treatment ! I already have 19 tiels :).. however this new tiel looks depressed ! I donno...
  4. Untamed 'tiel needs new friend?

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I've had my 'tiel for over a year now. When I first got him, he was not tame. I'm guessing his previous owners didn't treat him well :( . He used to scream at me, bite me HARD, and when I opened his cage or gave him his food, he'd start screaming and hissing. Over this last year, he got more...