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  1. Repeated deck dropping, poor moult

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My male pearl/pied 'tiel, Solar, has recently turn 1 year and started his first moult not long back. But not properly. He's not done yet but he has given me his decks twice now and by the looks of it he'll drop another pair. All four of these feathers have dropped before reaching their full...
  2. Well it's got me stumped....:/

    Cockatiel Talk
    Well, I have been hand rearing 2 beautiful babies which at first, judging by there 1 inch long tail feathers, I thought were both girls, but now( a week or 2 later), the older ones tail has grown to be plain with no stripes, so now she has a tail which is half plain( as if to be male) and half...
  3. Crooked Tail ??!!??

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi everyone .. I'm new to the forum, I could really use so help. My last cockatiel of 11 years passed away last weekend. So, a friend of mine gave me one of her 2 month old cokatiels that was just weaned. My issue is I just got it home, so it's needless to say that the bird was not hand fed and...
  4. Tail health

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi, My 'tiel was diagnosed as having giardia, which is a parasite somewhere in her intestines/bowel. I was told that giardia is the reason her tail feathers kept snapping off. I treated her with the ronivet I was given and her stools looked a lot better but her tail feathers kept snapping- at...