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  1. Food And Nutrition
    I currently have a cuttlebone in my Nibbles' cage, but I've never seen him touch it. To be honest, he really doesn't touch much of anything I put in his cage to play with, or his play gym. So, I think I need to start supplementing with a powdered supplement, most likely in his water. My question...
  2. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello, me again! So after some of you lovely people notifying me of the dangers of the "bird bath spray" I had used and now thankfully STOPPED using. Now I'm back for a multivitamin question. It's called Avitron. I just picked it up today and felt like it'd be a good idea to bulk up my boys'...
  3. Your Cockatiels Health
    You guys have never steered me wrong, so I'm back (yet again) for some advice on how to take better care of my boys. Oli (lutino, male, about one year) somehow hurt the sides of his wings a day or so ago while I was at work, and apparently lost some blood. He's done this before: gotten overly...
1-3 of 3 Results