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  1. 📢 Cockatiel Talk 🗣️
    Hi everyone Sadly our 7 year old female cockatiel passed away 3 days ago. She had surgery 4 years ago because she had something stuck in her crop. The vet told us that if she ever lays eggs it could put a toll on her and eventually end her life. She has a male cockatiel with her too but she has...
  2. 🤝🏻 New Member Introductions 🙋🏻‍♂️
    We have a dear little fighter named Sonny. He is elderly and had a stroke early this year and after months of various vet visits it’s up to us to care for him. He is not in any pain, just has difficulties with balance and daily activities. I’m wondering if anyone has a disabled bird who needed...
  3. 👩‍⚕️ 🩺 Your Cockatiels Health 👨‍⚕️
    This morning at 3am, my cockatiel, Louie, had a stroke (or what I believe was one). It started out as him having a night fright. He has those every so often, especially when molting (he currently is). After his night fright, I calmed him down like usual and everything was normal. Then all of a...
1-3 of 3 Results