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  1. Is my cockatiel small? Will she grow bigger?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi ya'll So my bird looks really small, is this normal or am I just being paranoid? Also do they grow? She's about 12 weeks old now. I still love her; we've bonded pretty quickly and she's warming up to the house and knows that nothing is going to jump out (Lol); I just want to know if this...
  2. Shopping for a new cage!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey guys, I have been shopping for a bigger cage for Larry lately as the current is really on the limit and I want him to have ample space to play when I'm away. Now I've read about a lot of people using this cage for a cockatiel, which would be a great option for me...
  3. Cage help

    Cockatiel Talk
    Been looking at cages to buy from my cockatiel which I'll be picking up in June, the pet shop I am buying them from offers a deal which includes the cockatiel and this cage in the link...
  4. Looking into this cage

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    I found this cage on ebay and really love the design. I've heard good things about Kings cages. Anyone here have one? Also is this a good price? The ones in the store cost a good deal more so it seemed good! I really like the seed skirt and the fact it has a shelf! Here's a link to it, tell me...
  5. Size and weight?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Ludwig is about 3 months old now, and his weight varies from 73 - 76 g throughout the day. His weight hasn't changed much since I got him 4 weeks ago, and I was wondering if he might be underweight or if he's just a smaller bird, especially since he was born in the middle of winter. I saw some...
  6. Right size cage for four birds?

    Cockatiel Talk
    What is the recommended size of a cage to properly house four cockatiels? I know the typical answers of bigger is always better and wider is ideal but does anyone have a general idea they could give me? I have several smaller cages now and am looking to slowly integrate them into one large cage...