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  1. First Moult and stopped singing?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello again! So Jiji has started his first moult. He's super grumpy. I also recently got a new tiel (Nova) just before he started moulting. Recently, Jiji hasn't been whistling much. While he never really sang, he did used to whistle and chatter a lot. I'm worried that it has something to do...
  2. Help encouraging singing/chirping and NOT Squaking

    Training and Bonding
    :tiel6: I have a little male and he is about 3 years old now. He is a little sweetie except he has a nasty habbit of SCREAMING about everything. I mean this in an excited way. It is almost as if he has forgotten how to sing/chirp (Perfered) and just screams about everything. I wanted to know how...
  3. What is my cockatiel doing?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey guys, Ludwing sometimes bursts into this chirping pattern (very similar every time), Currently he still hates me (he screams when I get too close to him), so I doubt he wants my attention. Apart from screaming at me and emergency vehicle sirens, this is the only sound Ludwing ever makes...
  4. Lots of Chatter!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey guys! So I have two cockatiels, both I bought from pet shops (yeah I know :/) The first I got was a boy that I named Conroy I then got a second female which I called Willow, when they got together at first Conroy got a little bald patch on the back of his head from willow, I got very...
  5. Kendrick Singing, Kissing, Babbling & Dancing :)

    Cockatiel Videos
    Baby Talking :) Singing along to Beyonce: "Alarm" noise lol. Eating a treat :) Thought I would share a few of my favs. :) lol
  6. Some videos of my babies!

    Cockatiel Videos
    Sadie, after jumping into my shower today: She flies into the bathroom, lands on top of the shower screen door, wiggles repeatedly towards me like she's trying to get down, and then I pick her up and hold her, she walks up my arm to get on my shoulder...
  7. Does you cockatiel sing like mine?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi readers : ) I have 10 cockatiels and their father, the big boss is the only one who is untamed and this is how he sings, please check this video, I made of him: His babies ( the males) are learning that song from him. I am wondering...
  8. Are these heart wings?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I'm pretty much positive he's a male, but I was wondering if this is the heart wings which many people cite as a characteristic of definite male behavior.
  9. My bird is so confusing - male or female?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Okay, so I've been trying to figure out the gender of my bird, Tallie. He/She is only around 5 or 6mo old, but I'm SO confused. Okay, the wing spots def. look male, but I know that's not always 100% He/she really hasn't shown any male behaviors except whistling. Tallie will only whistle when...
  10. Two clips :)

    Cockatiel Videos
    Sam is chirping and whistling :) Eating millet together
  11. Hi, Cockatiel returned home

    Hello, I found this websight via a search engine while searching for answers to some questions that I have. By a miracle, my family's male cockatiel that was lost on March 10, 2010 was turned into the local Humane Society found a block away from where we live as the bird flies this last week. We...
  12. Just wanted to share!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Just thought I'd share, my cockatiel let me pet him on the head for the first time tonight. I spent about 15 minutes petting his head and he was singing and whistling the whole time. It was pretty exciting!
  13. Too hard of a song, or tone deaf?

    Training and Bonding
    Okay, I have been trying to teach my cockatiel the Star Spangled Banner, but he can't get any of the notes right, even though I have been teaching him for almost a year and a half. Is it too hard of a song?:confused: