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  1. Cockatiel Pictures
    So I wanted to know how to post big and clear pictures because I want calitiels to make me signature and she asked for bright, big and clear photos. I only know how to post the picture as a thumbnail, so any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Cockatiel Pictures
    I will give the pictures to you guys and then you can make the signature. Please make a bright, pretty and cheerful signature and will like to have it in 2 days. I have two grey cockatiels. One male and other female. Female name: Honey Male name: Cookie.
  3. Chit Chat
    I see that some members have pix or the names of their flocks for sigs but I don't know how to add a sig to my posts. Can some one tell me how it's done?
  4. Chit Chat
    I'm not that good doing signatures, but I've had people ask me to make signatures so I've decided to make a thread for signature requests. Make sure you put 1) Photo(s) of your bird(s)/any other pet(s) 2) Name(s) of your bird(s)/any other pet(s) I'll get it done ASAP, but if I forgot about...