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  1. Training and Bonding
    My cockatiel is with me for almost 20 days. He started getting comfortable of me at 11th day. I have a major problem with his habit, he never comes on fingers, he always runs to shoulder. If I keep him down, he runs back to my shoulder. I have no problem with that behaviour alone, the thing is...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    So, Enzo's DNA tests have come back and show him to officially be a boy~ Yay~ :D One thing I've noticed is that he appears to have a possessive behavior problem. Enzo is a 'tiel who LOVES shoulders, and nearly each time he steps up onto your finger, he'll soon climb right up onto your shoulder...
  3. Training and Bonding
    Hey, i'm just asking for a few tips, because it's been a fair few years now since i've had a budgie, and i've never had a cockatiel, but is there anything I should know here? I know the basics for my 10-week old white little one, but how can i train him to sit on my finger, or even shoulder...
1-3 of 3 Results