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separating a mated pair

  1. How to deal with aggressive/scared cockatiels?

    Training and Bonding
    I've had a male and female cockatiel (male now 8 months, female 6 months; we think) for just under 2 months, they were supposedly hand reared however when I picked them up from the seller we weren't allowed in the house and we think they weren't treated the best, and were definitely not hand...
  2. Separate mated pair

    Cockatiel Breeding
    I have a female cockatiel (that I thought was a male), and got a second 'teil (male) to keep him (her) company. They bonded, and have successfully raised beautiful chicks (not my intention). I want no more eggs. When the birds are separated, the male very obnoxious and noisy (he wants to mate...