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  1. HI everyone!! I'm new here

    :ylw lovie: My name is Davie, I am a first time cockatiel owner. I just got my new baby a few days ago. After doing some research, I realized that my bird might be a little too young and also that she might be the product of inbreeding.. she is apparently 8 weeks old, but she doesn't eat seeds...
  2. Diet question!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Ok so i have a problem. My new lutino who I still haven't named won't eat anything but millet and sunflower seeds. The problem stems from what he was fed by the woman who sold me him. He was on this weird seed mix that looked about 99% millet and that's it. He doesn't know pellets are food, he...
  3. I am appalled! - sunflower seeds

    Food And Nutrition
    After reading a little bit.. and noticing that only the sunflower seeds look like they were being eaten. I decided to shift through the Seed mix i get pixel.. I did not think there were this many sunflower seeds! Holy cow! I usually buy kaytee health support. Any suggestions on what i should...
  4. Tidy Bird No Mess Feeder

    Cockatiel Talk
    Does anyone use the tidy bird no mess feeder? I may sound stupid, but can you use it for pellets or non-seed foods too or just seeds. All the reviews seem to only talk about seeds. Thanks!
  5. Cockatiel Bringing Up Undigested Seeds

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi, I'm new to the forum. My 1 1/2 year old cockatiel has been bringing up undigested seeds sometimes for the past few weeks. It was a little at first. Today I saw the largest amount so far. I've attached a picture of what I saw today. Has anyone here ever had a cockatiel that has done this...
  6. Pooping seeds

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hey guys, Here's the deal, my cockateil is pooping seeds... she poops tiny seeds... She also eats big sunflower seeds, not as much as the small seeds, but she digests them all very well. She does eat pretty fast so my idea is that she swallows tehm whole... The seeds did stop coming out on her...
  7. No pellets,no vitamins!!!

    Food And Nutrition
    hi..everyone i live in india ..i have searched a lot of places and all i find for my tiel(titu) is just seeds ,no toys,no pellets,no vitamin supplements(although i managed to order it from US it will arrive after a month),its very stubborn against vegetables.only dog food and dog vitamins are...
  8. What do you feed your cockatiels???

    Food And Nutrition
    i feed mine the "Exact" kibbles with seeds every so often added in. they also get leafy green veggies. i have never had anyone i knew who had cockatiels and i would love to know the variety that i can feed them so they can be extra healthy! EDIT: this should have gone into food and nutrition, i...