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  1. Nutriberries instead of seeds?

    Food And Nutrition
    I got some pellets for my baby cockatiels and they've been eating them and seem to really enjoy them. Now I'm just wondering how to incorporate seeds into their diet. Can Nutriberries be used instead of seeds or are they just meant to be used instead of pellets? Would I put Nutriberries into...
  2. Good diet plans ?

    Food And Nutrition
    Rose is a fussy little girl, when I first bought her she was very quiet and aggressive but has flourished into a wonderful bird... But there's a problem. At the moment she's on an all-seed diet which I know isn't good. I put veggies in there, I put cockatiel friendly healthy treats but she...
  3. Safe Foods to Feed Your Cockatiel

    Food And Nutrition
    This list was compiled using multiple sources as well as my own experience. Please do let me know if you have anything to add! Vegetables -Radishes (cooked) -Turnips (cooked) -Carrots (root and tops) -Cooked sweet potatoes -Radicchio (cooked) -Endive -Mustard -Swiss Chard -Kale -Parsley...
  4. My bird wont eat seed or drink water!

    Food And Nutrition
    I got her from a guy who had them in a room in a barn that he caged off. He was never touched until i got her. The guy told me she has been out of the box for like 1-2 months. I have her in a nice cage but she never drinks any water, or eats the millet or bird seed. Ive had her for like 5-7 days...
  5. Diet help :)

    Your Cockatiels Health
    I feed my tiel Charlie mostly a seed mix (Trill cockatiel mix) and sometimes broccoli. But I was wondering if there was anything I could give him to provide optimum health? I was thinking of sprinkling some spiralina, wheatgrass or barleygrass powder over his food, would that be good for him...
  6. He won't eat veges anymore

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi, Sarvey was such a good boy and ate everything in his smaller cage. But I have now moved him to the larger cage and he won't touch it. He has a seed mix in the cage all the time and I sprout a seed/bean/lentil mix for him and he has that for dinner each day. I am concerned about the lack of...
  7. Buying Cockatiel Food/Seed

    Food And Nutrition
    Hey all, I was just wondering, I'm a little confused at the moment. I know what a Cockatiel's diet can consist of basically (used can because you can swap some out according to preference): fresh fruit and veg, pellets, seed, mineral block/cuttlebone and water. But I have been looking at my...