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  1. My cockatiel has a scratch near the nose :(

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi, yesterday, when I came back from work, I found out that my little bird has a small scratch near the nose (beak). I don't know how it happen (I tried to figured out) but I'm worried if is not a serious problem. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to be very troubled (it doesn't seem to hurt, or...
  2. Loves attention but hates being pet?

    Training and Bonding
    My Ziggy is very odd.. He spends TONS of time out of his cage. When I let him out, he crawls all over me and loves being talked to. I've tried petting him and giving him scratches but he absolutely hates it. He will bite me until I stop... Is this normal? He is such an attention hog but it...
  3. Major Progress

    Training and Bonding
    I am so thrilled woot woot Freddy let me do head scratches. Yippy happy teil mommy. ya gotta take a gander, that is if ya want. it's scritches for sure.:D
  4. Instant Yawn

    Cockatiel Talk
    I think I read this somewhere before... :blink:, but just two seconds ago I gave Peachy a scratch on the ear he yawned :p! And I did it again, he repeated this around 6 or 7 times! So cute haha :lol:, I was really surprised :o.