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  1. Depressed Cockatiel ASAP

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hey everyone, sadly this morning as i woke up and i suddenly took of the blankets covering my cockatiels cage, i saw my cockatiel Lilo dead :(. I don't know how she died but she looked squished from a nesting box with her wing stuck on the cage and her neck broken. As much as me and my family...
  2. need an expert tip plz

    Cockatiel Talk
    hello evry one, i always want it a pet a had a cat once than a dog but life is short for some species and left me but now i couldn't get another dog bcs i moved to the city so i ve done some researches on bird and was fascinated by cockatiels so i got one two weeks a go. let me tell u abt my...
  3. my first ever eggs arrived and have been destroyed!

    Cockatiel Breeding
    well after about 6 moths of buying them as a breeding pair and leaving in a cage with a nestbox i finally get some eggs, 4 eggs actually and layed perfectly on time to hatch in the school holidays.YAY! but on the second day pringle(female)decides to not sit on them during the day any more, and...