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  1. 🎓Training and Bonding 💖🐥
    Hey guys iam very very new to the entire cockatiel world and i got rayito my 4 month old pearl from a local petshop the only human contact he recieved was the pet store owner going into the cage and swooping up his teamates with a net... now i have had him for 4 days and hes becoming more...
  2. 🎓Training and Bonding 💖🐥
    I've had Petey for about six months now and I've just been feeling a bit helpless with him lately. Like, we got a few steps closer to having a relationship, like he'll let me pick him up and will get mad if we ignore him, but it's like... lukewarm. Today, for instance, I just finished my last...
1-2 of 2 Results