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  1. Re-homing Cockatiel, PLEASE RESPOND

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey guys, 3 months ago i got my first tiel Pika from a local marketplace, this was a couple days before i moved into my first place with my partner. At first, Pika was anxious but now he is talking a constantly, especially at night and it is getting too loud as he will start to scream or make...
  2. Percy and Bertie

    Other Pets
    These two beautiful little boys (or girls) will stay with me until they find a loving forever home. These photos are bad and don't do them justice, I will take some better ones tomorrow. They arrived this afternoon, and have been really quiet and very good with the tiels. I have been watching...
  3. Birdline UK - any members here?

    Cockatiel Talk
    I am sorry if I posted in the wrong section, I am not sure where this post should go so I decided to put it on Talk because of bigger visibility - please move it if it's inappropriate. Does any of the british TC folks know of a Charity called "Birdline UK Parrot Rescue"? Is anyone here a...
  4. Rehoming two Cockatiels near Reading, South UK

    Cockatiel Talk
    I am looking for a home for my two tiels Bruce and Mick as I am moving to study at Wisley Gardens in Surrey and the accommodation does not allow us to keep pets. at the moment I live in Newbury, Berkshire so ideally I am looking for a home close by. Bruce (Full Name; Dr. Bruce Battenburgface)...
  5. going to rehome budgies :( advice?

    Other Pets
    My boyfriend sat me down and he talked to me about me about my budgies. They aren't tame and ever since Grey, they don't get the attention they deserve. I know he is right... but im afraid to just list them on craigslist and some person I don't know anything about come get them... I would beat...