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  1. New Play Gyms

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    I finally bought play gyms for my 8 little stinkers and they love it! 4 budgies and 4 tiels. One was custom made and the smaller is from Petsmart. They love them.
  2. Foraging toys for beginners

    Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    We have two cockatiels, one dove and one parakeet. I recently built them a playgym made from pvc pipe because the store bought one we had before was getting a little crowded and buying a bigger one would have been too expensive. I am now in the process of filling it with toys and such to...
  3. How to give my cockatiel more exercise?

    Cockatiel Talk
    My younger brother just got a budgie last Monday and I've noticed he is very active because he likes to climb all around is cage to play with toys and he flies a lot in the house. As soon as I saw this, I started to compare my cockatiel and realized that my 'tiel barely gets exercise. He doesn't...