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  1. need help with pairing up my cockatiels properly?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    i have 8 cockatiels total, i have four white face mutations one pair of these is a solid white female tiel her mate is a simple white face male the white head and gray body. my second pair im hoping will pair up since the males previous mate is too old to raise anymore babies so i was told to...
  2. Male or female?

    Cockatiel Talk
    9 week old Heavy Pied, loves biting stuff and playing with my glasses, chirps sometimes, very active.
  3. Gendering Whitefaced Pied

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hey guys, I'm not very experienced with gendering cockatiels so any help would be greatly appreciated (: I am considering purchasing this beauty from my breeder (already got 2 quality hand raised birds from them) however I'm hoping it is a male as I want at least one that'll be able to whistle...
  4. Need help identifying mutations

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hi! I have a couple of tiels that just started nesting for their second time. The female is a WF Pearl and the male seemed like a Clear Pied at first because I can't see red in his eyes no matter how close I look or even if I direct some light at it. However, out of the 4 babies that were born...
  5. Mating Pieds

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi! I'll be short, just have a simple question. What are the effects of breeding a couple of Pied tiels with very similar pied patterns (for instance 2 heavy pieds like these)? Will the babies be born with roughly the same pattern or can light and even clear pied show up as well? If its the...
  6. Pied with solid grey tail feathers-is it a male?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hello! I know that it's really difficult to tell what gender pieds are; I've read that males can maintain the tail barring for a long time, but I was wondering - can females get solid grey tail feathers? I've been looking for a tiel and found a really sweet pied. The pictures its owner sent me...
  7. question for genetic Pro-s

    Cockatiel Breeding
    I have a pearl male split to cinnamon and I assume-pied (he has a tell-tale yellow spot on the back of his neck).He was paired with pearl WF (split to pied) and had 4 babies, none of them pied. Because of some issues with the hen I had to pair him with another one- a pied pearl this...
  8. Best Mate for Whiteface Male

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hello everyone! I am looking for some constructive input on what visual mate I should look for in order to get a variety of healthy and happy chicks from my male whiteface. Opie is 2 years old and very interested in breeding with his favorite toys and another, female cockatiel I have. However...
  9. Name Suggestion for WF Pied Male

    Cockatiel Talk
    :wf pied: I need ideas for a name for this handsome man. He is very vocal and curious, has a good temperament. And, go!
  10. What is this girl?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hello all! I am searching for a whitefaced cockatiel, and this is one I located near me. Any ideas if she is simply a whitefaced pied, or something else? Thanks for your input!!
  11. Split to pied?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    The breeder I got him from told me that my boy Genji is a pearl split to pied. His parents are a pied split to pastelface, cinnamon, and pearl (father) and a normal pearl pied (mother). With my (very rudimentary) understanding of genetics, wouldn't all the babies be pied since both the parents...
  12. Male Pied Pearl split to Whiteface?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Okay, so I have discovered that no matter what we say about indications that a cockatiel is male or female based on marking, you never know until you DNA sex it! I walked into a bird store yesterday evening on my search for a male cockatiel that is split to whiteface and pearl, and found a...
  13. What colours are these babies?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hello Everyone :D My two Cockatiels, Sunny & Big Bird, have had their first clutch of four babies!! I was just wondering what colour their babies seem to be and what colours they'll be able to produce in the future. Big Bird (Male - Heavy Pied for sure, not entirely positive of any splits)...
  14. Hi Everyone!

    I am a very new Cockatiel parent from Wisconsin. In fact I am so new I haven't even brought my babies home yet. I purchased my Tiels from Misfit Aviary. One is a Lutino female (her pic is in my signature), and a Cinnamon Pied which we don't yet know the sex of (pic is my avatar). The Lutino is...
  15. pastelface baby?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    hey guys, my friends are breeding cockatiels, and this little baby (same parents as sadie!) is one of their ones that is waiting to be picked up - hand tamed and they're selling for $30! somehow they have never heard of pastelface, or yellow cheeks at all. can someone confirm that this little...
  16. Repeated deck dropping, poor moult

    Your Cockatiels Health
    My male pearl/pied 'tiel, Solar, has recently turn 1 year and started his first moult not long back. But not properly. He's not done yet but he has given me his decks twice now and by the looks of it he'll drop another pair. All four of these feathers have dropped before reaching their full...
  17. Just wondering...

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone might have a picture of a male pied cockatiel around 5 weeks old. Thanks :D
  18. Genetic Question. What are my birds, truly?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    I bought a pair of Cockatiels that I know nothing about other than what I can see. I've raised birds for years, but also been out a few years. I purchased a heavy pied male and a whiteface/Pied hen. The first clutch, my only baby came out as a Cinnamon pearl and my first baby from the second...
  19. Mike & Carol

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Thought I would share my beautiful tiels with you. Carol use to be really friendly and loved to sit on my finger but she laid an egg recently and has turned very crabby. Mike the WF Pied is my favorite, as Carol turned vicous, Mike became friendly and loves to chat to me at the front of the...
  20. Whiteface Pearl? Male?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hi everyone, Another rescue job, another addition :p :D I dont know a huge amount on colours and genetics etc but is this little one a whiteface pearl?? and is it male?? He doesnt have all his tail feathers, he was in a small cage and not having a very good life........ He/she is very...