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  1. How to post pictures in a bigger size?

    Cockatiel Pictures
    So I wanted to know how to post big and clear pictures because I want calitiels to make me signature and she asked for bright, big and clear photos. I only know how to post the picture as a thumbnail, so any advice will be appreciated.
  2. new member of the family

    Cockatiel Pictures
    I was just visiting my mums distant neighbor who is involved in a NZ cockatiel club and looking at her avairies. I went to the cockatiels and this wee guy flew to me and started saying peekaboo and chatting to me getting as close as he could to me. I feel like we had an instant bond. The owners...
  3. All Settled In :)

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Luma seems to be settling in now and is fully exploring her cage and toys :) She loves the bendy rope! Got a few photos of her this morning...
  4. Bunch of tally photos!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    eating my teeth, well trying Tally says thanks for lookin! :cinnamon:
  5. My Cute Cockatiel! x

    Cockatiel Pictures
    My cute cockatiel! x My beautiful cockatiel! He/she is adorable!!!!!! Peeka likes to play with his toys and loves cuddles :love: He/she LOVES mirrors and bells :)