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  1. Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    I am 100% a beginner, 14 years old, I am getting a cockatiel I am naming cookie. I am new to this forum, so I am not good with rules... But anyways! I have this medium - big sized cage. I spent all my money on toys and perches (and the cage). I have 4 natural wood, 2 smooth perches. A water...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    Hiya all! I'm a bit new to using forums, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm the owner of a young male cockatiel (Pi, short for Pythagoras; he came into our hands on pi day! I'd say he's about two/three years old, but this is just a guess) and have had a few questions in my mind...
  3. Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    deleted. ♥
  4. Your Cockatiels Health
    anybody know if orange tree branches are safe for cockatiels? I have an orange tree in the yard and was thinking of making a few custom perches for my aviary and indoor babies, but was unsure if they were safe and non-toxic to use...
  5. Cockatiel Talk
    So with our dog recently passing away. We decided to get an animal we've never had before because its way too early to get another dog. So we decided to get a Cockatiel after a little bit of research. So I think we've gotten everything needed for the current care of the bird. Few ladders for...
  6. Cockatiel Housing and Toys
    I am thinking of setting up a whole aviary for it, so that he has a lot more flight then in a cage. It would be around 5ft wide, 7 ft long and 6 ft high. Does that sound good? I would be using 1/2 in galvanized wire so that it would be very tough. I would also have some plants in there. I was...
1-6 of 6 Results