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  1. Mixing Pellet Brands

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi! I've been feeding my 3 cockatiels Harrison's pellets for the past few years and recently decided to add another brand to their diet because of cost issues. It's $15 for shipping on their website (even for just 1lb) and about $14-$20 per 1lb bag of adult lifetime fine on Amazon. I've tried to...
  2. Tropifit parrot food. Can my cockatiel eat it?

    Food And Nutrition
    So I bought this because it's the only pellets I could find at local stores. But it's for larger parrots. Can my cockatiel eat it? It says it contains "Green, black and white pepper" . Is that safe for them ?
  3. Pellet conversion

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi. I'm trying to convert my bird to pellets. A vet recommanded harrison's hight potency mash. I first tried to mix it with the seeds, reducing the seeds until it was like 50-50. I put some on her vegetables. A few days ago I started giving seperate meals to better gage what she eats. I give her...
  4. Experiences with NutriBird B14?

    Food And Nutrition
    Hey everyone, I have some questions regarding part of my cockatiel's diet. I'm feeding Puck a 50/50 mixture made up of a seedmix for lovebirds (it was the only good quality mix I could get, that also didn't contain sunflower seeds) and Versele-Laga's NutriBird B14 pellets. I started this...
  5. Nutriberries instead of seeds?

    Food And Nutrition
    I got some pellets for my baby cockatiels and they've been eating them and seem to really enjoy them. Now I'm just wondering how to incorporate seeds into their diet. Can Nutriberries be used instead of seeds or are they just meant to be used instead of pellets? Would I put Nutriberries into...
  6. Are high potency pellets fattening...?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Heyo! been a while since I posted here. My birdies are now 4 months old (almost) and are both in overall good health! Except for something that the doc did find indicative of liver or tissue damage. But I am optimistic that that will be alright as their symptoms have gone away entirely...
  7. Best pellets?

    Food And Nutrition
    Just wanting opinions on what you guys would consider to be the best pellets and why? Mine are on Vetafarm maintenance pellets at the moment and I was wondering if there's anything better out there I could get my hands on.
  8. Calcium question!

    Food And Nutrition
    I feed my 3 a mix of pellets and small parrot mix, about 50/50 nowadays as I used to feed more pellets and less seed but my avian vet said that was wrong. Anyway my question is do my birds need additional calcium in the form of say a cuttlebone? I provide one but I worry that they will get too...
  9. Diet question!

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Ok so i have a problem. My new lutino who I still haven't named won't eat anything but millet and sunflower seeds. The problem stems from what he was fed by the woman who sold me him. He was on this weird seed mix that looked about 99% millet and that's it. He doesn't know pellets are food, he...
  10. Best UK brand of pellets?

    Food And Nutrition
    Before I take home my cockatiel in June I want to make sure I've got everything ready, one of the last things I need to sort out is the food. Seeds are easy to buy here in the UK but pellets seem to be hard to come buy so I'm considering buying them from here...
  11. Zupreem vs. Kaytee Pellets

    Food And Nutrition
    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on whether Zupreem or Kaytee pellets for Cockatiels is better. Or is it simply a matter of personal choice?:wf cinnamon:
  12. Hand-fed meals - How many mealtimes? (pellets)

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi there. So Haiku and Limerick are nearly 4 months old and I am very keen to get them eating pellets as their main food. They currently have seed. I thought I had is sussed because the first time I gave them pellets they ate them very happily, polished off the whole pile and picked at the...
  13. No pellets,no vitamins!!!

    Food And Nutrition
    hi..everyone i live in india ..i have searched a lot of places and all i find for my tiel(titu) is just seeds ,no toys,no pellets,no vitamin supplements(although i managed to order it from US it will arrive after a month),its very stubborn against vegetables.only dog food and dog vitamins are...
  14. Worried about Petey....

    Your Cockatiels Health
    ... It`s the same thing as my previous post a few weeks ago. Petey`s on the living world cockatiel granule pellets and I noticed in the past month or so he`s been coughing it up (sort of). I tried buying a new bag, as someone stated the bag of food might be bad, so I bought the little bag of it...
  15. What do you feed your cockatiels???

    Food And Nutrition
    i feed mine the "Exact" kibbles with seeds every so often added in. they also get leafy green veggies. i have never had anyone i knew who had cockatiels and i would love to know the variety that i can feed them so they can be extra healthy! EDIT: this should have gone into food and nutrition, i...
  16. He won't eat veges anymore

    Food And Nutrition
    Hi, Sarvey was such a good boy and ate everything in his smaller cage. But I have now moved him to the larger cage and he won't touch it. He has a seed mix in the cage all the time and I sprout a seed/bean/lentil mix for him and he has that for dinner each day. I am concerned about the lack of...
  17. Hello! This is Nimbus

    Hi, my husband and I adopted a female whiteface pearl three months ago, and she's eight months old and our only pet. We're both 22, have been married for 3 and a half years, and are full time students. We've both bonded to her quite well, and I'm pleased to say that she accepts head scratches...