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  1. Food And Nutrition
    my cockatiel hit the 3 month mark today, yet he still doesnt know how to eat solid foods every time i try to feed him pellets in the bowl the cage had, he just keeps pooping in it making the pellets go to waste :/ and when i leave apple in the cage it just sits there with little to none nibbles...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi all! I have a cockatiel that is about a year old that I've had for 3 months now. I wasn't the most educated when I first got her, so I had her on an all-seed diet. I picked up some pellets and used my fingers to "eat them with my beak" and she kind of caught on. For the past couple of days...
  3. Food And Nutrition
    Hey guys so for almost a year now I've had a female cinnamon whitefaced Pearl hen in my flock in an outdoor aviary. She has terrible feathers they seem to be very weak and snap easily. She looks a right mess 95% of the time! When a new tail feather or two come in she looks normal for abit. So...
  4. Your Cockatiels Health
    So I got my little Morty for two weeks now and was trying to get him more used to eating pellets. I mainly fed him so far a mix of seeds (what he was used to - even though he still picks mainly the millets out of it) and mix it together with harrison pellets. Which once in a while he was trying...
  5. Food And Nutrition
    Hey guys I went by the Vet today for a checkup and we are shiny and in tip top shape, he told me to go grab Pellets also to start giving her some either with the food or use them as extra treats etc. So I went by my usual pet shop but they didn't have the Versele-Laga Nutribird G14 [ that...
  6. Food And Nutrition
    Currently I'm trying out the 10 day method, (10% of pellets in food, 20% the next day, 30%...etc). Anyone have any stories on how they converted their birds, or any advice? Anything would be great!
1-6 of 6 Results