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pearl pied

  1. Hello, from soon to be mum of Pearl Pied

    Hello all :) My name is Charlotte but you can call me Foobzy. I live in the UK and have recently moved from Norfolk to Nottingham and I love it! Soon as I moved out I had to get my life-long dream of owning a cockatiel. I've recently just bought a hand-reared Pearl Pied of just 3 weeks of age...
  2. Easter surprise and Zoe!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    well, my mom's good friend has another friend who is an amazing artist, and she's already done a portrait of our dogs. My mom surprised me today and gave me an early easter present... she sent a picture in to this woman her name is Elaine Kahn and got a portrait done of Ciel and Eclipse!!! and...
  3. DNA results Ciel and Eclipse and new baby!!!!

    Cockatiel Talk
    Soooooo i finally got the DNA results of my babies, after a lot of pondering whether eclipse was a female or not... soo here are the results!! Ciel: Male Eclipse: Male i have two little boys!!!!! Also i said before they had become big brothers!! their parents had four babies, two pied and two...
  4. My Babies!!!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Well since i haven't yet, and i enjoy other people's tiel pics soo much i thought id share mine =) My two are Ciel (cee-elle) and Eclipse =) brothers from the same clutch 4 months old and hand raised by me. Ciel is a pearl pied split lutino and cinnamon. Eclipse is also pearl pied split lutino...