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  1. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    My pearl 's father is pied and her mother is lutino, so does she split to pied? And I think she has white halos next to her orange cheeks. Maybe she splits to whiteface too, or not? This is my pearl hen:
  2. Training and Bonding
    I am getting a pearl-pied cockatiel and I've heard most pearl pied are more than likely to be female, especially if the mum cockatiel is pied, pearl pied or lutino. :pearl: At first I wanted a male but it's impossible to tell the gender at 3 weeks of age unless it has a DNA test. After doing...
  3. Cockatiel Talk
    Hey my birdy friends! We got a new addition to our flock today and we need help selecting a name. She is a 4 month old whiteface cinnamon pearl. Aaaaaaand go!
  4. Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    So after the discussion of Lacewing earlier today I snapped a few shots of Patches, our WF pearl hen. She's 8yrs old and as many know came from a pretty rough home (abusive mate, lived in a room full of macaws with open cages). But I believe she is a Lacewing and I just thought I would share. I...
1-4 of 4 Results